What she does

She flings open doors that may otherwise seem closed.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, by definition of “Alician” you’ll expect Alice to be “fantastical, absurd & illogical.” And actually you would not be far off.

Fantastical: She aims to create fantastic itineraries for her clients. From start to finish. The journey through booking befitting the destination: Seamless & stressless.

Absurd: She may have absurd & often off the beaten track ideas when it comes to crafting these itineraries. But then again: “I like Normal”, said Absolutely No-one.

(Il)logical: Trust Alice and she will eliminate those logistical headaches that can emerge when booking an adventure. Alice ensures the reality matches the rhetoric. From start to finish. And beyond…


Mad Hatter: "Why, sometimes I’ve believed up as many as six impossible things by breakfast"

- Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll -


"You are the BEST travel agent, person and now FRIEND anyone can ask for! What an amazing odyssey you planned for us. Thank you from your forever friend ‘across the pond’!"